Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Deep Fried Broken Heart

Sure, that's a rather unappetizing post title, but I'm hoping my own deep fryer will be 100% heart-free. I have decided to buy one of my very own, since, as my visiting friend M. says, my deep fryer broke up with me. So it's solitary doughnut making for me now--but at least I can put eggs in them.

Here are a few things I might fry this fall:
apple dumplings
funnel cake

My housemate J. wants me to make deep fried cookies, her State Fair discovery this year. Seems pretty simple--take a stiff cookie dough and throw balls of it in the fryer. I'll update you as the experiment progresses.

But no crying over the fryer! That's no way to douse a grease fire.


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