Sunday, December 10, 2006

Food Pyramid Funtime

My friend R. wrote me about a possible potluck pickle party, and, to emphasize how much she liked pickles, sent me her personal food pyramid. I thought it was charming and reproduce it here for you, with the rare foods at the top and the most frequent on the base:

Dark Chocolate + Those Mochi Balls with the Icecream Inside = Much Too Rarely
Grape Juice + Matt's Amazing Chili + Matt's Amazing Indian Food = Once a Week
Pita Pizzas + That Ethiopian Red Lentil Dish + Bananas = Everyday
Pickles + Peppermint Tea = Several Times a Day

I of course had to emulate it:

Fried things, the Birchwood = Much Too Rarely
Yogurt, Beer, Kale, Rice noodles, Eggplant, Tofu = Once a Week
Hot peppers, Butter, Pickles, Cabbage, Grits, Nuts = Everyday
Coffee, Russian tea, Apples, Garlic = Several Times a Day

Very interesting. Both of us definitely eat a very particular, personal diet, and there are no crossovers at all except for pickles. Pickles bring people together. I would be happy to eat anything on her pyramid, and R. is particularly lucky in having a nice person to cook favorite foods for her--I do miss cooking with DF.

What does your personal pyramid look like?


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