Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A think about apartments

I am officially moving toward the end of this month, the better to write my dissertation at all hours and cook enormous meals in an enormous kitchen the rest. This will be the fourth place I've lived in in Minneapolis, and I thought a bit of comparison was in order.

Places will be referred to alphabetically, for anonymity.

A: 2br, 1st floor, okay kitchen
length of stay=1 yr
B: 2br, 2nd floor, amazing kitchen, amazing park view, amazing porch as big as the living room length of stay=3 yr
C: 4 br, big house, super cute, narrow kitchen, garden, indoor bike storage
length of stay=9 mo
D: 1 br, 2nd floor, lovely kitchen, lots of light
length of stay=can't say yet

A, B, and D are all in the same zip code, and C is just one digit removed. A and D are actually across the alley from each other!

I have always lived south of Lake St, north of 38th St, west of Hiawatha, and east of Chicago Ave.

Work has always been a 2-3 mile bike ride away.

I have been to meetings of three different neighborhood organizations.

I have lived with 6 different roommates and 3 different cats (Simon, I miss you!).

You may notice that this will be my first time living alone, ever. I am excited to: decorate all by myself, sleep when I want to, go around partially clothed, not have a television or meat in the house, have total kitchen control, have guests over... Many things to look forward to. I'll keep you posted.


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