Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More fermenting

I now have a million projects fermenting merrily in my kitchen:

a sourdough starter
mixed veg dill crock
dill pickles (I'm brining them and will process them in vinegar for the fair)
Indian-style lemon pickle (from Indian Food Rocks)

Projects on the horizon:

This week at the market I bought 8 quarts of strawberries, so jam is coming soon.

I put in a big order to gem cultures, so there will soon be miso!

I ordered a cheesemaking book, so there will soon be cheese!

Other non-dissertation activities:
Went to the Walker with C. on Saturday to see the Picasso and American Art exhibit, which was actually pretty boring, lots of slavish imitations of early Picasso, and only one woman artist in the whole show (Louise Bourgeois). I did like the room of Jasper Johns at the end. But they have a fab show up of works on paper from their permanent collection, including some of my favorites: Amy Cutler, Julie Mehretu, that piece with the paper eaten by snails, this amazing book with a laser-cut house in it, the piece with postcard-sized comix images of what happens on every page of Gravity's Rainbow. Hurrah!

Also, I joined a choir. We're singing Fauré's Requiem. July 28, 7 pm, Ted Mann. Be there.

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