Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dissertation Update, 1/26

Yesterday, Friday 1/26, I worked on Chapter 3.

On my new 10-week schedule, Chapter 3 is due to my advisor on Feb 1.

Yesterday I worked on it for about 12 hours.

I wrote about 2500 words, for a grand total of 10,100 (about 40 pp)--and this is just filling in the 'more here' notes I wrote on earlier drafts. I worked on the chapter intro and the sections on the Chicago Tribune, Dr. Evans, Dr. Cramp, the exposé, and Dr. Zins. Though none of those sections are totally done, they're in good shape.

Today I'm going to write more. I'm planning to revise the sections on Dr. Flint, Reinhardt floormen, and foreign language newspapers, and hopefully the conclusion as well.

If I finish those sections, the ones left are on Chicago, other exposés, and polishing everything and making sure the argument is coherent.

I'm feeling optimistic about this chapter, for the first time in months!



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