Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dissertation Update, 1/27

Yesterday, Saturday, Jan 27:

I wrote for about 8 hours, and added about 1500 words to my chapter, bringing it to a very-respectable-and-maybe-even-too-long 12,000 words.

I revised the sections on Dr. Flint, Reinhardt employees, foreign language newspapers, the 'defining doctors' stuff (which appears in Chapter 2, and so needs to be discussed only glancingly), and the conclusion. I also got rid of as many 'need more here!' sections as I could.

Today, January 28:

Today I'm going to the library to get rid of the rest of the 'need more here!' sections, which all require a bit of research. Sunday is a bad day for library-going in Minneapolis: the MPL branches are all closed, some St Paul library branches are open, but not till 1, and even the U's humanities library doesn't open till noon.

I'm planning to do some polishing, transition-fixing, and notes-fixing this morning until the libraries open, at which point I'm planning to fill in all the 'need more here!' sections, all 6 of them. After that--well, I guess the chapter will be done, 4 days ahead of schedule. I'll try to send it to some friends and get their opinions before it goes to my advisor.



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