Monday, February 26, 2007


I love the snow! We got about a foot of snow this weekend, and I got a new pair of boots from the vegan store. My reward for my work this week will be to go snowshoeing, which I love dearly. Maybe I'll rent some shoes in the Cities and drive out to Wild River Falls.

Chapter 4 is still plugging along. I did a full read-through, and I just have a few things to research yet, the chapter conclusion to write, and still the notes to do. I have some sort of block on doing the notes, so I'm planning to do (or 'implement,' as the lifehack bloggers would say) the (10+2)*5 procrastination hack, aka force myself to work by building in little breaks.

The chapter is due on Wednesday, and I worked at the museum today, so tomorrow will be the big push day. Wish me luck!

Also, my reader four time zones away should start her own blog. Not this week, obviously, but do think about it.

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At 4:54 PM, Blogger Christine said...

I love the shout out! Sounds like you're going gangbusters on the diss. Last week (and this final push with the DDF) was NUTS. Talk to you soon.

Love love love.



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