Monday, March 05, 2007


I finished* Chapter 4 and sent it to my advisor on Friday. We had a meeting last week and determined that I can defend the last week of May if I keep to my current schedule. I've also decided to walk in commencement this year! Exciting!

As a nice reward for my Ch 4 diligence, I went to two parties last weekend. The first was a big house party (a winter formal!) with a dancey band that sang about zombies and bicycles. I got to wear an amazing long black dress that was once my grandma's, with orange and purple flowers on it and a ruffley neckline, and danced up a storm.

The second party was my friend A's birthday. She had a cake-off! Everyone brought a cake (I made doughnuts, natch), and each cake had a sewn little pocket near it into which you could put a superlative (I got 'holiest' and 'best cake with a center grip'). There was so much cake I slipped into a sugar coma and had to drink lots of coffee to recover, but I had a lovely time and got to talk to my new friend C.

Also this weekend, the East Lake branch library had its grand opening, after being closed for two years! for renovations. The old library was cramped and ugly and had nowhere to sit and didn't even have windows on Lake Street. The new library is bright and modern and filled with light. The only downside of going to the opening celebration was that I got street harassed on my walk home. I thought winter was supposed to provide a respite from all that.

Back to the diss: Chapter 1 is due on the 14th of March. It's in crummy shape, so I really need to put my nose to the grindstone for it. I'm thinking of scrapping Chapter 5 and putting the relevant stuff into Chapter 1, but I haven't asked my advisor and am not quite sure if that would be okay. Would I seem like a slacker, turning in a 4-chapter thesis? It's just that 5 doesn't fit the new organization of the diss, and anyway the ideas in it should probably be introduced earlier. I'm still working through this.

*It doesn't have a conclusion, but is otherwise done.

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At 7:49 AM, Blogger Abby said...

Just wishing you luck on the March 14th deadline. I'm sending a revised section on the morning of the 12th (not a full chapter, just the section I've been working on), so (as you've noticed on DBC) I get the crazy mad-dash for the deadline.

Also, Mmmmm, donuts.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Sharonica said...

Suzanne, it sounds like we're at similar stages in the process. I wonder if everyone thinks about scrapping a chapter! I have thought MANY times about what the dissertation would be like without my Chapter 4, the last chapter I have to write. (I still have to write a conclusion too, darn it.)

Now I REALLY want cake. Good thing my daughter has a birthday coming up soon. Tinkerbell cake, MMMMM.

At 5:13 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Well, we obviously need a bootcamp cake party.


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