Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dissertation Update, 3/7

Today I got very little done on Chapter 1. I did read through it, but that's all.
Instead, I rode my bike around town, went to the library, worked on my museum's website, worked on the cover letter for the post-doc I'm applying to, read a book, and (gasp) wrote a poem.

You may know (well, I suppose you'd know if I told you, or you'd been monitoring my librarything) that I've been reading a lot of business books and lifehack blogs recently for both inspiration and vision, and general sanity and organization. A lot of them are full of pseudopsychology and are soothing but inane, but I found two books recently that I love and totally recommend. Creating a Life Worth Living is about life and career planning for creative type, and One Person/Multiple Careers is about arranging your life so you're able to make many of your passions into your work. Both have been making me think about my career, and (and this is a bit frightening) even rethink my museum career plans for something less structured. I'm even rethinking about the kind of place I want to live in. We'll see what happens. In any case, right now I have one priority, and I need to conceptualize everything else as happening after it gets done.



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