Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Are you coming over for dinner? Are you coming over for love?

Last night Phil (Mount Eerie) sang a song about bears with that lyric in it. I wore my bear hat to the show to give me courage. After glancing around to see where a certain person was standing, fixing in my mind the area of the room I should avoid looking at, I gave myself up to the music, which was beautiful and moving. I cried through the whole show, even (especially) at songs we had sung together, like "I, Whale."

Also yesterday my bike was stolen while I was at work.

I took the train home, went to the kitchen, and made---

Wait. That's not how it happened at all. I didn't cook at all. I made a cup of tea and went to bed.

I've lost my heart and my bike, and cooking can't help.